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One of the challenging problems for PCB manufacturer is the consistency in the extreme cold areas.
One of the challenging problems for PCB manufacturer is the consistency in the extreme cold areas. In the frigid regions like north Europe, the trains running throughout the ground encounters the extreme cold weather in the Bernina mountain, the average temperature drops to below zero degree C. The electricity wires and the connecting grid which supply power to the trains are coated with a thick ice and block the train from running. ABB advanced traction technology helps Raetia Railway Company to solve this problem.
The Allegra series Double-current braking trains, run by Rhaetian railway company,  are equipped with ABB traction system and that keeps the train running under such a severe weather. The Converter and transformer of ABB traction system can calculate the frozen time of the ices with software and automatically generate man made electric arc to melt the ices. This technology from ABB brings more delights to your travel from St. Moritz to Italy, the trains will not be delayed due to the heavy snows or other bad weathers.
Besides, In order to surmount the steep terrain, ABB traction system also improve the climbing capability of the trains. The traction system which can makes the train to be supplied by 2 different electric systems: From Swiss city of San Moritz to Bernina Italy use 1KV DC system and switch to 11KV AC system in the other rail ways of the line.  

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