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We are a manufacture and service provider which engaged in the produce of mold, small and mass production of high-end double-sided muti-layer PCB. We are located in the west township, Baoan, Shenzhen, cover an area of 15000 square meters and with total staff of 600 people, the base of which integrates office, scientific research and production.We have the leading edge, quickly and completely customized and flexible management and manufacturing system among the peers. Facing the globel high-tech enterprises and scientific research units, we provide PCB manufacturing solutions...MORE
  • The service sector: Our products are widely used in communication, national defense, aerospace, medical, industrial control, computer application, etc.
  • Delivery commitment: We are committed to providing you with 24 hour’s Orders services, engineering and technical support, to giving you the most satisfactory delivery commitments.
  • Business philosophy: Grow up to be a world-class PCB service enterprise, to create the biggest value for customers, employees, society and shareholders.
  • Quality assurance: Strict implementation of SPC control method, perfect system and testing equipment, all-round monitoring of production process, ensure that the product is stable.
Professional SMT factory has a group with extensive experience in production, functional testing and production management team of professionals
SMT chip processing
My company has a perfect PCB production lines, to undertake a variety of hard (PCBs), flexible (the FPCB) circuit board manufacturing operations
PCB Sampling/Mass
  • PCB manufacturer brings a brief introduction to E-Test


    E-Test is used to detect the electrical performance of PCB. It is the essential process before shipment. New let PCB manufacturer explains the details of how to do E-Test on PCB.
    1, Electrical function test:

  • Power supply PCB manufacturer brings you to experience


    One of the challenging problems for PCB manufacturer is the consistency in the extreme cold areas.

  • See how PCB supplier survives in the competition


    As the consumer’s demand becomes various, PCB supplier has to innovate to upgrade the technology capability to catch up with requires coming out from different applications and this bring up the new challenges.

  • Multilayer flexible PCB


    Multilayer PCB soft as rigid as a multilayer PCB, multilayer lamination technology, can be made into a multi-layer flexible PCB. The easiest multilayer soft-sided PCB PCB is covered with two layers of copper on both sides to form a shield of three soft PCB.

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